Family Memorial Services, Remembrances, Articles
Memorial Service for Didi (Ella Bruell) - 1978
Remarks about Asta Friedrichs by Kurt O. Friedrichs in - 1981
Family Memorial Service for Kurt O. Friedrichs - 1983
Memorial Service at NYU for Kurt O. Friedrichs - 1983
Official NYU letter on Kurt O. Friedrichs' contribution - 1983
Memorial Service for Nellie Friedrichs 1994
Article in Braunschweig Paper on Nellie Friedrichs - 1994
Memorial Service for Sarka Friedrichs - 2001
Christopher's Courant Institute Remarks 2004
Memorial remarks for Rhoda Friedrichs 2014
Family Biographies and Autobiographies
Sixty-Six Happy Years (Nellie Friedrichs' Story) - 1974
My Life in Braunschweig 1912-1937 by Nellie Friedrichs -1980
The Life of Kurt Otto Friedrichs by Constance Reid -  1983
Biographical Memoir of K.O.Friedrichs  by C. Morawetz 1995
Autobiographical review of the work of K. O. Friedrichs 1978
List of 178 Publications, Awards and Honors of KOF
Didi as Remembered by her Grandchildren by Liska Snyder 2002
By Kurt O. Friedrichs (1980)
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1 The Area of Origin
2 The early Friedrichs Family
3 The Arndt Family
4 Ludwig Friedrichs and Rosenthal Family
5 The Family of Ludwig Friedrichs
6 The Heiberg and Schroder Families
7 The Family of Carl von Baudissin
8 The younger Heiberg Family
9 Carl and Karl Friedrichs
10 The Entel and Stenger Families
11 The Schneider and Baenisch Families
12 Karl and Elisabeth Friedrichs
Appendix 1 - Link to Charlemagne
Appendix 2 - Arndt Letters
Appendix 3 - Asta Heiberg Biography
Appendix 4 - Adolph Friedrichs Will 1811
Apendix L1 - List of Ancestors
Ancestor Photo page
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Other Family Stories, Excerpts, Articles of Interest
A Beautiful Mind- Excerpt - relating to Kurt Friedrichs - 1998
Didi's holiday diary 1893         Didi's letter to her mother 1895
Our Jewish Ancestors-Family Histories
- by David Friedrichs 1978