Friedrichs Family Genealogy
Our direct line from Charlemagne and Bishop
of Metz - 45 generations back (to year 582)
Line from Bishop of Metz 7 more
generations back (year 334)
Line from Bishop of Metz 26 more
generations back (before year 100)
The two sets of lines are in contradiction to each other, the
second one also has some date inconsistencies.
Click for Rhoda's preliminary analysis of the
2 - On the Family Tree maker site. This is an older less
complete version but has some advantages it includes
over 1000 family members, however in most cases only
for the the most recent 8 generations (more to come later).
The Friedrichs Family TreeMaker On Line Version
See provided instructions but the Tree display varies
based on the primary individual selected. It always only
shows the primary persons ancestors and decendents.
Click in the tree, then hit F to find an individual of interest
or once in Tree right click on an individual and then make
them primary. Hit back to return to this site.
Geneaology Charts Created by Kurt O. Friedrichs
for "The Story of My Ancestors" (see
History section)
The Early Friedrichs                      Baudissin
Arnd family                                   Entel
Dommes Rosenthal families           Stenger Sturmer
Heiberg Schroder families              Baenisch
Asta Baudissin Ancestors
3 - some pages I have put directly on our own site, these
mainly list names - so long lost relatives can find us - but
also have a good pedigree list feature. this is not

Full Web based family tree TEST version
There are three versions of our family tree on line.

1 - On the "my trees" site, this is the most complete and
recent (2004) with all 4000 ancestors and some 1000
Friedrichs family tree on My Trees site
Then enter the following account number "343316"
and password use Omi's first name