New York City Marathon November 1, 2009 Martin's
My 5 Goals and results
1 - Having a great time during each and every mile (in the corporate
world this would be know as a major "stretch" goal)

RESULT- It was an incredible event to be part of with 44,000
thousand others from around the world, Going over the Verrazano
bridge and then though all the NY neighborhoods with the 26 miles of
cheering crowds - I had a truly great time for 23 out of the 26 miles

2 - Finishing in the top half of the total field (which sounds a lot better
than 19,000th place) This should be about 4:22 (or 10 minutes per

RESULT - Through 19 miles I was on a 4 hr 16 minute pace (and felt
like I was maintaining a relaxed and easy pace) and still under my
planned 4:22 pace up to mile 23 - then things seriously fell apart,
resulting in a 4:30:48 finish

3 - Not hitting the infamous 20 mile "wall" (being able to maintain a
vertical position after the finish would be a nice extra touch)

RESULT -  Well I guess hitting the "wall" is part of the Marathon
experience - and I certainly got that experience in full - At 24 miles my
body just shut down, the last mile I felt delirious and was weaving
side to side, (adding to my mileage) bumping into people, oblivious
to my surroundings - it took all I had just to stagger to the finish - I lost
all 9 minutes in just the last 3 miles. Maintaining the vertical position
after the finish a was actually a considerable challenge.

4 - Hoping none of the "minor" injuries one accumulates while
training flare up (torn foot tendon, pulled knee muscle, arthritic hip,
sore quadriceps, calf cramps, bursitis in thigh, stiff lower back, black
toe nails and assorted blisters) Note: I have had absolutely no
hamstring problems what so ever.

RESULT - I felt really great through most of the first 23 miles but then
along with massive fatigue, my quads froze up, and I had a
debilitating cramps in my calf.

5 - Knocking this off my "bucket list" - without actually "kicking the

RESULT - It's done - just barley - although during that last mile I was
not too sure on the last part.  I now understand why marathons hate
the British queen Alexandra who added the last 365 yards to the
course so she could see it from Windsor castle.
22 miles  (below)                                                                                          19 miles still doing great (above)    
After hitting the wall - 24.5 miles