Christmas letter

Having fun with our
Tazlina is seven,
Marley is four, and Iona
is two.

Our annual hiking trip
to canyon country
with friends in April

Hiking and camping
in the Yukon
Territory in June

Fall trip to Valdez
and Whittier
The summer was busy assisting our kids with building projects. Gary and Heather undertook a major roof-building
construction on their house. While Dick helped them, Liska played with Tazlina and Marley. Dick also helped
David and Patty build a big fun playground set for Iona in their backyard. For once the summer was glori-ous…
lots of sunny days and warm (70’s!) temperatures. This summer, Dick turned 70 and David turned 40.

Despite the trips and fun with our families, the first part of the year was a bit challenging for Liska. She had total
hip replacement in January, and was recuperating well from that when she was in a car accident in March. Luckily
she only broke her collarbone and had some minor injuries, but recovery is still going on. We keep busy with
volunteer work and spending weekends at our cabin. Thanksgiving had a bit of an international flair. In ad-dition
to our family and friends, we hosted 17-year-old Ujang from Indonesia and 22-year-old Dasha from Rus-sia.
Instead of our usual snowy cold frosty Christmas, our whole family will be together in warm sunny Hawaii for a
couple of weeks. That will be a cheerful ending to our year!

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2010 Christmas Letter