In the Name of God

The changeability of human fates and the unexpected accidents which can set bounds to our lives cause me now, in
good health and of my own will, after careful thought and not forced or persuaded by anyone else, to make a disposition
and determination with respect to my future legacy in the event that I should be summoned from this life.

With respect to my body I order that it should be laid to rest in a Christian and decent manner but without any special
ostentation or expense.


As my heirs I determine and name my beloved children
1. Johann Carl
2. Adolph
3. Heinrich
4. Moritz
5. Julius
6. Wilhelmine
7. Charlotte
8. Ludwig

and if after this time any others should still be born to me, all to receive equal portions of my total property.


My beloved wife Hanna Christine, nee Arndt, to whom I feel obliged to demonstrate my tender thanks for her love and
loyalty, I pre bequeath out of my own full property her own dowry and any of her things which she will be able to
provide evidence for on the basis of family inheritance agreements or other proofs signed by me and in her possession.


With respect to my estate, as soon as possible following my death an inventory should be taken, with the restriction that
until the end of the contract years of Silvitz, Dalkvitz und Dolgemost, or otherwise as long as my family still holds the
lease on these properties, no partition and division should take place but instead they should be administered jointly on
behalf of all my heirs and my wife.


This administration of my estate should remain under the leadership and direction of my beloved wife Hanna Christine
nee Arndt until a termination of the leases of Silvitz, Dalkvitz and Dolgemost is made possible either by the expiry of the
contracts or by an agreement which she finds necessary and advantageous, and since I am convinced both of her
conscientious love towards me and her children and of her capacity to carry out this administration, I also give to her the
guardianship for my surviving minor children with the proviso that she should call upon the advice and support of my
beloved brother Herr Carl Friedrichs of Stubben as a supplementary guardian. Both of them should obtain an
appropriate judicial confirmation of their guardianship but should not be bound to a public rendering of accounts. Still
they should settle and record the accounts of the administration once a year.


If in fact one of my heirs is entitled to insist on a settlement before the end of the leases on Silvitz, Dalkvitz and
Dolgemost, then the appointed administration of the estate may assist and settle with the one or the other heir as
appropriate, though not to the prejudice of the common prosperity of the enterprise


If this description of my last wishes is not regarded and upheld as a proper Testament, then I wish that it be accepted as
a codicil, a legal trust, a disposition of the parent to his children, or however else it can be regarded and upheld.

Personally signed and sealed by me and executed with the additional signatures of witnesses in Silvitz on the 1st of
December 1811.

I also ordain that in case my wife should enter into a second marriage, the commonality among my heirs, as specified in
#4., should be continued until the end of the leases but thereafter her administration and guardianship should come to

Johann Bernhard Engelbrecht   als invited witness (seal)

Christian Heinrich Pense  also invited witness (seal)

Christian Dieckmann  also invited witness (seal)

Johann Wilhelm Arndt  as invited witness (seal)

Adolph Heinderich Friedrichs (seal)

Johann Christopher Dalmer as invited witness (seal)

Carl Christoph Friedrichs as invited witness (seal)

Johann Friedrich Behm as invited witness (seal)

In Silvitz on 1 December 1811 the leaseholder Herr Adolph Heinrich Friedrichs, before me as undersigned and specially
summoned notary and in the presence of the seven also specially invited witnesses, presented the above document as his
last will, signed and sealed it with his own hand, and invited the required witnesses to complete the will by signing and
sealing it, whereupon the witnesses did provide their signatures in their own hands and affixed their seals, whereby all
used their own signets, except for the witnesses Christian Diekmann and Johann Friedrich Behm who used my private
seal, and finally again acknowledged their hands and seals. I hereby confirm as requested, and with the corroboration of
the undersigned witnesses to this instrument, that all this has been done in a legal manner in one continuous and
uninterrupted session.

Johann Berhard Engelbrecht
as witness to this instrument (seal)
Carl Christoph
Friedrichs (seal)
In faith (seal) [name L.S.F. Arndt Notary]

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