Home Page for the Friedrichs Family 2016 Reunion

Planned date: Saturday July 9th to Saturday July 16th 2016
Location: Lake George, New York
(200 miles,  3 1/2 hours north of New Rochelle)
Resort : Depe Dene
web site:

Accommodations - we will have the:
Estate House (11 bedrooms and assorted living, entertainment, dining rooms)
Estate house two added areas each has 2-3 bedrooms
TBD- Lakeview Townhouses (2 bedrooms each)
TBD Beach Cottages (2 bedrooms each)
TBD Lakeview Motel rooms (1 bedroom each) as needed

Every couple will have a private room (with their kids) but about half the couples/families will
have to share a bathroom with another couple.

Expected number of participants about 38 adults + 15 children = 53
(all family members except Tilo & family)
A deposit has been made but 50% will be paid shortly

Cost - Lodging only (no food) averaging about $600 (total guess based on last time) per adult
person for the 7 nights - will update as  I get numbers

Activities: The resort is right on its own Lake George Beach and has many on site activities
(tennis, boating, playgrounds etc.)
The Lake George areas has many other activities from hiking, to amusement parks, dinner
cruises, theater, etc.
Martin Jr suggested a local race : on Sunday July 10th

Meals: we will mainly be organizing our own meals, but there are many restaurant options -  
Randye will organizing a shopping trip to stock up the lodge

Facilities: This resort does not do any mid week cleaning, so we will need to do our own in that
regard - we plan this time to try to hire someone to help with this.

Pre/post planning - there are 8 Friedrichs homes in the NY area, so we expect to be able to put
up all travelers flying into and out of NY. We may also have close to enough cars for the trip up.
So this will reduce the cost of those traveling in.

Organizers: Martin - Communication and Finance
              Randye - Food and meals
              Heather - Lodging / room assignments and travel
             Jonathan - Activities and schedule