2004 ski trips
Snowbird - top three photos
Silverton below
Snowbird - This year we (Martin, Randye, Kyle, Tamara and
Natasha) went to Snowbird over New Years (not February), despite
their sometimes shortage of snow at this time of year. Well not this
year. Natasha – on a separate flight 30 minutes behind ours - was
the last one to arrive as the Salt Lake airport closed due to the
biggest SLC storm in 7 year, As the road to Snowbird was closed
we stayed in town and had a great time bowling. The next day –
road still closed, still snowing – we went to Park City. After a
record 40 hour road closure we finally got to Snowbird near the end
of a single storm that dumped 84 inches (yes that is seven feet),
nearly breaking their 40 year old record. This storm was immediately
and continuously followed by three more one-two foot storms,
making the weeks total over 10 feet.The middle of these 3
accompanied by over 100 mph winds on mountain top and us skiing
in 60 mph winds on the lower slopes. They shut the whole mountain
down that day when someone blew off the lift on the bunny hill.
Although we were locked in the lodge part of the time, and they
never opened the whole mountain, it was interesting skiing – that
last morning being a true classic.
Silverton - At the end of
January 2004 I (Martin) went
to Silverton Colorado –
rated the steepest, toughest,
mountain in the US – their
motto is all thrills no frills as
the base lodge was a tent, the
summit lodge a shack, just
one lift from which guides
would hike the 40 persons a
day they allow even higher up,
to basically ski down the
existing avalanche paths in
untracked snow.
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