My Silly Kid Quotes

To demonstrate that he is trained,  pees into friend Bryan Harfenest toy pot.   2

At hairdresser woman patron announces Kyle's hair should be cut or he will be taken as a girl,
and that he looks like a girl.  Kyle says " I am not a girl, I have a penis"   3

While peeing in toilet " I am a fireman, this is my hose and I'm putting out the fire"  3

Three weeks after Randye's collapse for ectopic pregnancy when passing the same spot Kyle
says to Randye " Aren't you suppose to fall down there?"     3

When Tamara's adoption  looked iffy. Kyle put arm around Randye and said " We can always
get another baby from somewhere else"       4

At Micva when Tamara was being converted Kyle tells the Rabbi (Sidney -Terry's cousin)
"You should go on a diet" (Sidney agrees)       5

Kyle falls of chair and gashes head badly while playing a computer game. After return from
hospital Randye notices blood not only on the chair and floor but also all over the keyboard.
Kyle explains "I had to get the game to a certain point to save it before I could come for  help" 7

At Nellie Funeral "She was a good Omi and I loved her very much"    9

In class Teacher comments she will have to stay late to grade tests. Kyle "At least you get paid
for it"           11