This poem was submitted in1999 to a Canada-wide contest for the
best poem having to do with the subject of underwear. Hundreds of
poems were submitted.  My poem did not win a prize but it was selected
for inclusion in the published anthology of poems submitted for the
contest. Of the forty poems included in the anthology only about three,
including this one, were humorous; all the rest were highly serious or
erotic in tone. The publication information for the anthology is given

Christopher R. Friedrichs

I’ve Seen London

People used to stop and stare
If they saw some underwear;
They even gave a nervous grin
If a shirt was not tucked in.

Everybody seemed to know
A lady’s slip must never show,
And grown-up men would sooner die
Than once be seen with open fly.

But now the “undie” look is here,
So lots of hidden things appear.
A bra strap here, a label there
Are thought to give an outfit flair --
And guys now wear their pants so low
That boxer shorts are all on show.

Fashions change and so do we,
And really it’s okay with me,
But --
I’ve seen London, I’ve seen France,
And I’ve seen lots of underpants!

Deborah McVittie and Ursula Vaira, eds., Panty Lines: A Poetic Anthology
(Lantzville, B.C.: Blue Moon Press, 2000), p. 45

Poem copyright © Christopher R. Friedrichs 2000