Welcome to the personal web page of
My various names:
Toffy (1947-1949)
Dick (1949-1955)
Christopher (1955 to present)
Chris (early 1960s to present)
Shalom ben Orah (1985 to present)

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Israel and India 1997
Europe 1998
Russia 2002
India 2003
Photo by Elie Dolgin
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Here are some IMPORTANT MOMENTS in my life:
1947        Born in White Plains, NY
1952        Began kindergarten at Mayflower School in New Rochelle, NY
1958-61   Attended Albert Leonard Junior High School
1961-64   Attended New Rochelle High School
1963        Became editor of the 'Huguenot Herald'
1964-68   Attended
Columbia University
1967        Became editor of the 'Columbia Daily Spectator'
1967        Met Rhoda Lange
1968-73   Went to
Princeton University
1970        Married Rhoda Lange
1970-71   We went to Europe to work on our dissertations
1973        Got my PhD and began teaching at the
University of British Columbia
1974        Bought house at 54 West 23rd Ave., Vancouver, B.C.
1975        Ellen born
Jonathan born
1979        My
first book published
1979-80   We spent a year in
Frankfurt, Germany
1985        Jeremy born
1986-87   We spent a year at the
Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ
1995        My second book published
1995        Taught at the
University of Augsburg, Germany
1996         Promoted to full professor at UBC
1996-97   Travelled around the world:
Israel--India--Hong Kong
2000         My third book published
2000         Became a Canadian citizen
2003-04    Spent three months doing research in
2004         Spent a semester as a Visiting Fellow at Princeton University
2006         We became grandparents: Clementine born in New York City
2009         Second grandchild:
Rocco born in New York City
2014         Death of my beloved wife Rhoda Lange Friedrichs
2015         Third grandchild:
 Leonie born in New York City