Urban Politics in Early Modern Europe (London:
Routlege, 2000), 89 pp.   

This short book was published as part of the
Routledge 'Historical Connections' series.  It
provides an overview and interpretation of the
nature of politics and conflict resolution in
European cities between about 1500 and 1789.

Here is the publisher's description of the book:

Urban Politics in Early Modern Europe is an important survey of
the complex relationships between urban politics, and regional
and national politics in Europe from 1500 to 1789. In an era when
the national state was far less developed than today, crucial
decisions about economic, religious and social policy were often
settled at municipal level. Cities were frequently the scenes of
sudden tensions or bitter conflicts between ordinary citizens and
the urban elites, and the threat of civic unrest was a key to the
political dynamics of early modern cities. With vivid descriptions
of events in cities in Central Europe, England, France, Italy and
Spain, this book outlines the forms of political interaction in the
early modern city.