This is the lodging email sent out April 2012

There are two categories below.  Some of the units are reserved Saturday - Saturday.  The Estate House is reserved Sunday to Sunday.  The resort may
have some single-night hotel rooms available for an additional fee.  Please let us know if seven nights is adequate OR if you would like us to coordinate a
hotel room for an additional night on either end.  Specifically, tell us if you are in a Sat-Sat unit, but want to stay Sunday, August 5th OR you are in the Estate
House (Sun-Sun) and would like to arrive Saturday, July 28.  We will try to see if we can adjust. For the final Saturday night we can also probably have a few
(of the younger) people squeeze into the estate house if need be. At this point, the availability of the individual hotel rooms for the extra nights is unknown.

Thank you to everyone for being flexible and accommodating for these arrangements. The exact room assignment will be done once there - the below
represents, days, the location and the type of accommodation you will each get.


Townhouse #21
Bedroom A
Felix (Double Bed)
Bedroom B
Jonathan (Double Bed)
Daniel (Bunk)
Jeremy (Bunk)

Townhouse #22
Bedroom A
David Friedrichs (Double Bed)
Bedroom B
Jessica/Matt(Double Bed)
Indy (Bunk)

Townhouse #23
Bedroom A
Harold/Irene (Double Bed)
Bedroom B
Heather/Gary (Double Bed)
Tazlina (Bunk)
Marley (Bunk)

Beach Cottage #209
Bedroom A
Kyle/Katie (Double Bed)
Bedroom B
Bryan/Olga (Double Bed)

Second Floor
A. Walter/Leona (Queen - private bath)
B. Dick/Liska (Queen - private bath)
C. Michael/Elizabeth  (Queen - private bath)
D. David/Patty/Iona (Queen/Twin) Shared bath
E. Martin/Andrea/Luca/Elena (2 Double Beds) Shared bath
Third Floor
A. Chris/Rhoda (Queen - private bath)
B. Martin/Randye (King - private bath)
C. Rachel/Adrian (Double Bed) Shared bath
D. Natasha/Ayo/Giselle (Double Bed) Shared bath
E. Barbara and Tamara  (2 Double Beds) Shared bath
F.  Ellen/Joe/Clementine/Rocco (2 Double Beds) Shared bath

note: shared bath means the bathroom/shower is out side the bedroom, but the private bathrooms of "parents" (usually on the same floor) will also be
available if needed.

The total cost of all the "lodging" will be divided equally by all non children (those older then Tazlina) who attend - same cost no matter how many days , or
which rooms, or how many are in a room. This lodging cost should be under $600 per person for the week.  It will be impossible to adjust it based on particular
accommodations, or who has a better bathroom.  The exception will be any extra use of the motel rooms, this will include the Freundlich's who will only come
up for a few days and stay in a motel rooms, and pay this separately (and need to give us dates), and if anyone else want to stay the extra day at the
beginning or end in a motel room.