Reunion 2012  Location / Dates emails

Feb 3, 2011
Dear all, the location and date are now finalized and I have sent a deposit to the Dede Dene resort. In total we are holding 23 bedrooms (but only 15 bathrooms - so some couple/family
sharing) Although we have all rooms for the 6 day period Sunday July 29- Saturday August 4th period - we have some rooms a day before and some a day after - so those who want to
arrive early or stay late have that option. I have updated the reunion information on so you can always check there - also to see the specific rooms we took.  We will
need to make a 50% payment next February - so at that point I will be looking for a firmer commitment. It turned out it was critical to book this early as all these resort guarantee returning
customers their same rooms - but Depe Dene will now tell 2011 lodgers when the reserve - they will not have that option for the rooms we are holding. Otherwise all is basically the
same as in the email I sent in January.
This will be the first family reunion for a number of Friedrichs, and we all welcome Julian Niklas as the very newest.
Januuary 8, 2011
Dear All,
After looking at 100's of web sites and talking to dozens of places we have selected one, but want you all to review it before we make a commitment. We had originally planned to
propose multiple places (Cape Cod, the Carolinas and upstate New York) but finally only found one that meet our criteria (listed on the bottom of this email). The key point is now is the
time to propose another place if you can find a better one, or raise an issue if the dates are bad.

1 - Based on input the reunion dates would be July 28th to August 4th 2012 (Is that OK with All??? the next week was also considered, but a number preferred this week. Now would be
the time to raise any issue with this week)
2 - It will be on Lake George (200 miles 3 1/2 hours north of NY city) in New York Adirondacks areas
3 - it will be at Depe Dene resort
web site
4 - Cost will be about $600 per person for the 6 nights (that is only the lodging price - not food, transportation, entertainment)
5 - We would be there (Sunday July 29th till Saturday Aug 4th) for complicated reasons 6 days although we have to pay for a full week

Key features is we will have the large "Private Estate House" to ourselves as a central point for our reunion - this has 11 bedrooms (sleeps 24-28) and lots of meeting, eating,
entertaining areas - see this on their web page.
The other 20 of us will be in other accommodations at the resort (they cannot guarantee right next to the estate house till they see which units 2011 people want to return to)
There is a small restaurant on site and a deli mart across the street, but we will mainly be on our own for food - but will have multiple kitchens
The resort is right on Lake George with its own beach and dock for boats (row boats included)
It also has tennis, volleyball, ping pong, shuffleboard , 3 playgrounds, a heated pool, etc, etc, (all included in the lodging price)
It is next to nature, hiking trials and entertainment
Nearby are dinner theaters and dinner cruises on the lake
Also nearby are water parks, miniature golf, shopping  etc.

As this is a drive from NY were the extended Friedrichs family now has 7 homes (and a dozen cars) there should be no cost for any pre or post reunion lodging, and there may be little
need for extra rental cars, this will reduce the cost of the overall trip.

At this point I am assuming all are coming (16 couples, 8 singles, 9 kids) I realize that could change as it is 18 months away, but I will be reserving for all unless I hear otherwise

Martin, Liska, Heather, Jonathan

Below was our criteria for finding a place if you check out their web site you will see it meets all the criteria except it does not offer dinner on site. But they have dinner theaters and dinner
lake cruises so we will not have to cook each meal. Also some rooms may not be right near the Estate house - but we will try.

Ideal criteria for general location (understanding not all may be met) :

1 - A place that all family members consider worth going to (spending their money and in some cases very limited vacation time)
2 - Reasonably easy to get to for those who will be flying in (not too far from an international airport)
3 - A location with a nearby mix of interesting activities (cultural, sports, relaxing, entertainment) or some of these
4 - Reasonably priced
5 - A location those already on the east coast can drive to, so everyone does not have to fly??
6 - And perhaps most importantly - a location that has a facilities that match the criteria for our ideal facility

Ideal criteria for a facility (in some kind of priority order):

1 - Variety of accommodation configurations (private rooms and suites) in immediate proximity to each other
2 - Our own meeting / gathering / meal / rooms - indoors and out
3- Young children / baby friendly
4 - On the beach or lake (or very close)
5 - Reasonably priced
6 - Offering dining (and breakfast) so we do not always have to go out or cook
7 - Some on site kitchen(s)
8 - Privacy or separation from other guests (or optimally the full facility)
9 - Proximity to grocery store (especially for kid supplies)
10 - BBQ type facilities
11 - Flexibility so we can reserve a set number and expand or shrink

January 30 2012 Email

Dear all,
I will need to put down a 50% deposit in February on the rooms we need for our July 29th reunion at Lake George NY, so I need a reasonably good head count by February 11th. (It will be
much, much easier to cancel than to add,  so if there is any chance you will come say "yes")
Below are the the 59 potential attendees divided into 28 "groups" so just one person need answer for each "group".
If I missed anyone or have an outdated email please let me know.

You can find out many more details and dates on our reunion web page found at

But the key thing is (for complex reasons) we will have 1/3 of our rooms from Saturday July 28 to Saturday August 4 and 2/3 from Sunday 29 till following Sunday (the Estate House). So if
you know which date works best for the start of your week let us know. There are many Friedrichs who live in the NY area for pre and post lodging.
Some rooms will be in the large Estate house some in separate units, some with their own kitchens.  See this link for what we have reserved:
Heather will be the room assignment Czar - so contact her directly with any special request or preferences. (she will also track arrival schedules)  Liska and Patty will coordinate food
and meals, Jonathan activities, and I will do the communication and finance stuff. With the growing numbers we will need your help in communicating your plans and we will send out
other emails on food, activities and lodging later..
This facility only has space for weekly visitors, so anyone thinking of coming up for a day or just a few days will either need a weekly room, coordinate the splitting a week room with
someone else only coming for a few days, or will need to find a close by motel. Our assumption is that most, or all, will come for the bulk of the full week.

Our web page will have an attendee page to track responses. Remember, please respond by February 11th.


I am missing the emails of a few partners/spouses, so let me know and I will ad them

Daniel F.
Michael S./Amy /Jacob
Daniel S.
Dick/ Liska
David/ Patty/ Iona
Heather/ Gary/ Tazlina/ Marley
Jessica/ Matt /Indy
Bryan/ Olga
Chris/ Rhoda
Ellen/ Joe/ Clem/ Rocco
Martin/ Randye
Natasha/ Ayo/ Giselle
Kyle/ Katie
Irene / Harald
Tilo/ Michi/ Julian
Martin/ Andrea/ Luca/ Elena
Peter/ Paula
Tom/ Marianne (Traute)