Reunion 2012  Planning email 1 August 2010 (responses below)
Dear all,
Liska, Heather, Jonathan and I are beginning the planning process for our 2012 reunion. (if you would like to actively participate in the planning please let us know)
But please only reply to the 4 of us for the below 4 questions (which is why I am blind copying everyone so family members are not inundated with emails.) We will consolidate answers
and get back to you all.

1 - The first key question is the week. We are proposing the week of August 4-12 2012. With the focus on the Sunday night to Friday period leaving the weekends for travel. Is there
anyone who knows now that week is NOT possible for them? A later week would leave out Gary and others with an early school calendar. Christmas is a problem for many (and very
expensive), spring breaks are always different, but we could also consider July. We understand that people's jobs and plans may change, but we will need to pick a week now both for
discussions with lodges and for our family members to plan.

2 - Would you prefer to have it over an extended weekend (Thursday to Tuesday)? There are different pros and cons related to travel and work schedules with this arrangement. And this
assumes we could get a facility for this period.

3 - We expect it to be in the Eastern United States and have identified 4 locations we will research for facilities and costs.
- Upstate New York resort region (Finger Lakes region, Adirondacks or Catskills) - for most flying in and out of NY city (or taking a connecting flight to a closer airport)
- Cape Cod / Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts. For most flying in and out of Boston
- North or South Carolina coast beach - would require a connecting flight for most (Both the weather and the water would be warmer)
- Shenandoah area in Virgina - for most flying in and out of Washington

We will provide much more detail later (after our research) But to focus our efforts please let us know if you have a strong preference for or against any of these, or another area you think
worth considering? If someone feels strongly about another idea like the Caribbean or some type of cruise (and is willing to research it) also let us know.

4 - Do you hope to come? - this is not a commitment, we just want to get a feel for numbers

Thanks. Please respond to the 4 of us with answers to those 4 questions.
We realize it may be more than a year before you know your schedule and can make a commitment and preference, but we are looking for some general guidance right now. So an
immediate response to this email (even if it is simply "not sure but that all sounds OK" ) would be much more helpful than filing it away to give a better answer later. You can always send
us other thoughts and information, and we are a long way off from making commitments.

Also for your information below is the criteria we hope to use in selecting a location and facility

Ideal criteria for general location (understanding not all may be met) :

1 - A place that all family members consider worth going to (spending their money and in some cases very limited vacation time)
2 - Reasonably easy to get to for those who will be flying in (not too far from an international airport)
3 - A location with a nearby mix of interesting activities (cultural, sports, relaxing, entertainment) or some of these
4 - Reasonably priced
5 - A location those already on the east coast can drive to, so everyone does not have to fly??
6 - And perhaps most importantly - a location that has a facilities that match the criteria for our ideal facility

Ideal criteria for a facility (in some kind of priority order):

1 - Variety of accommodation configurations (private rooms and suites) in immediate proximity to each other
2 - Our own meeting / gathering / meal / rooms - indoors and out
3- Young children / baby friendly
4 - On the beach or lake (or very close)
5 - Reasonably priced
6 - Offering dining (and breakfast) so we do not always have to go out or cook
7 - Some on site kitchen(s)
8 - Privacy or separation from other guests (or optimally the full facility)
9 - Proximity to grocery store (especially for kid supplies)
10 - BBQ type facilities
11 - Flexibility so we can reserve a set number and expand or shrink

Martin, Liska, Heather, Jonathan
Reuion 2010 responses
This is awesome. Thanks so much.
I vote for the the third or last week in July if possible. That wold make the Friedrichs  / Fiorentino clan's summer plans a bit easier.  The east coast works for me.  And we are all
planning on coming.
I'll write more later.
Hi there gang of four,
First of all, I want to say thank you for taking this on and beginning the process.  I was responsible for planning my mini-family's mini-vacation to Lake Erie last week and am well
acquainted with how time-consuming the logisitcs of researching, calling and planning are for something so grand as the Friedrichs Family Vacation.
1) For now, that week would be fine for us.  If things stay status quo for us (which they probably won't), July is a good month for us to travel.  I am usually due back at work in August but
the beginning of the month is easier to take off than the end.
2) This doesn't matter to me. Either way.
3)  Those all sound appealing - I am thinking primarily of a place that is kid-friendly so the beach or a lake is ideal.
4) Yes!

with love,
Hey thanks for organizing, I'm already excited!
Here are answers for me and Adrian:
1) The week of Aug 4-12 should be fine (the following week would probably be better for us, but obviously not if it means the Snyder/Irelands cant make it).
2) For us the mid week is better (not the long weekend), but we don't feel strongly about it.
3) In our preference order:
a) Mass (If we end up in Cape Cod, I'd be happy to plan/organize a Boston city day for those interested)
b) Upstate NY
c) Either SC or Virginia
4) We definitely hope to be there.

- Rachel
Dear 4,
1: Aug 4-12 2012 is fine for Elisabeth and myself.
2: also ok with us
3: sounds fine, and South Carolina seems unusual and attractive
4: Yes we hope to come
Elisabeth + Michael
PS Thanks in advance for all the research and discussions ahead of you
hello brave organizers,

1- Can't exactly say at this point, but I hope to be in a similar situation as Gary, so early August works well.
2- No, but am not opposed to this idea.
3- Of these, my vote goes toward up-state NY.
4- Yes

Dear Liska, dear Martin, Jonathan and Heather,

thank you very much for sending this.
I was wondering how the planning was going along (I guess it's kind of an occupational disease as a cultural manager...).
I really enjoyed the days in Ruby Lake and hope to join you all next time again.
So count me in for 2012 unless I'll be 10months pregnant by then - you never know.
The date / week seems perfectly good to me and I don't have any preferences concerning the sunday-friday / thursday-tuesday-question.
Cape Cod or North or South Carolina all sound wonderful - but I'll of course follow the major opinion as I think the most important thing is the coming together.

So again thank you very much for doing this - I really appreciate it!

Thanks for organizing.
1. Dates: Early August is great. I am also fine with the first, second, or last week of July.
2. Extended weekend or mid-week is fine with me. Is there a 5 day requirement? 3-4 nights over a weekend might be good for people without much vacation time. If I only had 2
weeks/year I am not sure I would spend 50% of my vacation at the reunion, offensive as that might sound.
3. Location: I vote for either upstate NY or the Carolinas. Carolina's because IF we are going to a beach it would be nice to have warmer water.  Upstate NY has a lot to offer and is
close to many people...Pittsburgh, NY, Scranton, New England.  I don't know why but Cape Cod doesn't excite me much. Sounds like a weekend spot for Bostoners. I would certainly go
though, and it is close to Heather's sister which is convenient for us. I am open to the Caribbean. Warm beaches are nice.
4. I hope to attend.
Hi Martin, Liska, Heather & Jonathan,

I find it difficult to think so far ahead, but the proposed time for the 2012 family reunion should be fine for me, whether or not arranged over a weekend.  While my own preference is
always for the seashore/ocean, I cannot imagine that anything affordable would be available on Martha's Vineyard and the costs of anything suitable in August near an ocean are likely
to be considerably higher than inland locations such as the Finger Lakes, the Catskills, and the Adirondacks.  However, in my view, those who do the planning work - yourselves - get to
pick, and those who don't do that work are obliged to cheerfully go along with whatever you come up with.

Speaking of the seashore I am scheduled to spend the week of August 14-21 at Long Beach Island (New Jersey) with Liz Windle, her daughter Leanne, and Leanne's three year old
son, with Steve Windle and Jeff Maira supposed to join us for part of the week.  I am looking forward to it.


Dear Martin, Liska, Heather, Jonathan,

First of all, thanks to all four of you for your willingness to be be the initial organizing committee.  It is very much appreciated.

In answer to your questions:

DATE:  The earlier the better.  Ellen and Joe would prefer late July, and from that point of view so would we.   Next preference would be July 29-August 4, or August 5-11.   But really,
barring any serious unforeseen circumstances, whenever it takes place between mid-July and mid-August, we will be there.
WEEK VS. LONG WEEKEND.  Sunday to Friday looks better to me, but again, any schedule is really OK.
LOCATION: My preferences would be, in this order:
a) Upstate New York.
b) Cape Cod/M.V.  (Cape probably better than expensive Martha's Vineyard.)
c) Shenandoah Valley
The Carolina coast is not a good idea.   Yes, the water will be warmer, but the weather will not be "warmer," it will be blazingly hot and insufferably humid.  Except for the time actually
spent on the beach people will just want to dash from one air-conditioned place to the next -- not my idea of the ideal reunion atmosphere.

But again, wherever it is, we will be there.

HOPE TO COME?  No, we PLAN to come.

Again, thanks for getting the ball rolling.  I don't think you should have even mentioned Caribbean or cruise possibilities -- that will just complicate things.  You have given people a lot of
sensible choices to consider and in the end people should be glad to come wherever it is.


Thanks to the four of you for taking this on.  Here are a few thoughts of mine:
-- what about the last week of July?  Ellen, Joe and kids have been coming here in August, and the earlier date would fit that schedule. (I realize that lots of people have lots of different
schedules, but just a remark).
--my own preference would not be for a very hot humid place like the US south (I am usually miserable in that kind of weather.  My childhood summers in NY were like that).  Again, I
realize that other people have different preferences, and
--of course we will come, wherever the choice is.  My vote is for upstate NY.

Hi Martin,

we hope to come to the familiy reunion in Aug. 2012 and don't have a strong preference for or against the 4 locations.

Harald and Irene


thanks for the infomation and the organisation.
My girlfriend Agnieszka and I, we are very interested in coming to the reunion in 2012. The proposed week should be ok but it depends on the vacation we will get.
The locations all sound good to us (a nearby international airport and a cheap price of the lodge is preferred by us).



I'm game for anything. If anyone needs help planning lemme know.

Dear Martin,
Sorry to be the last one to respond.  I would prefer the last week in July, and would prefer somewhere in upstate NY.  The Carolinas will be much too hot and humid at that time of the

Hey, guys.  Thanks for this!  I'm sorry we couldn't respond last week, but we're all in Vancouver and I was working for a few days out of town and we still haven't had a proper family
meeting about this, but obviously things are happening super fast so I wanted to throw a few logistical details into the mix for the Brooklyn Fior/Friedrichs Clan:

1:  We are all 4 in for the reunion.
2:  We would greatly prefer a July date(s) for the reunion.  (August is our Vancouver month every year, forever, so an August reunion would gobble up 'Couve time that cannot be
extended into the school year for EK or the kids in 2012...)
3:  We are very flex on the location of the reunion and do not care to cast a vote.  I do have family and friends in upstate NY that may be able to help us with a boat or two, location
recommendations, and hikes/adventures - reviews/tips/suggestions.  Should I shake some trees?  Again, not a vote for upstate, just a notion that I may be in a good position to help
plan something for us up there if that's in the cards.  We are more concerned about the dates.  Is a July option off the table for us?

Again, thanks for getting the ball rolling on this and we're all very excited for the next big reunion.  These kids will be 3 and 6!

Joe F et al

hi family,

michi and I are also interested in coming to the reunion. The time is fine and the carolina´s sound interesting.
More informations later.